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Water Atomization Powder Manufacturing Equipment

The water atomization powder manufacturing equipment is the commercially progressive methodology in powder metallurgy industry. This kind of powder production machine utilizes high velocity water flow to atomize molten metal into powder particles.

Featuring cost effectiveness and ease of operation, our powder metallurgy equipment is highly recommended for production of iron powder, copper powder, stainless steel powder and alloy powder. Superalloy includes iron-based alloy, nickel-based alloy and silver-based alloy, etc.

Our water atomization powder manufacturing equipment produces 10 to 1,000 kg powder per batch. The metal powder is irregular shaped and oxidized. Decrease in oxygen content needs deoxidizing technique. Moreover, customized non-ferrous metal equipment is also available to cater to your specific requirements on batch capacity and particle size.

Technical data
Model EFSWH-30 EFSWH-50 EFSWH-100 EFSWH-300 EFSWH-500 EFSWH-1000
Water pressure (MPa) 30-120
Water flow rate (L/min) 50-800
Feeding capacity (kg) 30 50 100 300 500 1000
Max. melting temperature (°C) 1750
Heating power (kW) 50 100 160 300 400 600
Temperature measuring Infrared, WRe5.26
Tundish heating power (kW) 10-20
Power supply 3 phase, 380V, 50Hz
Tundish heating power (kW) 20-45
Cooling water flow rate (L/min) 150 300 400 700
Cooling water device Fan cooling tower, water cooling unit, heat exchanger
Soft water flow rate (m3/h) 6-20
Controlling method Industrial control computer or PLC
Operation interface Touch tone or Touch screen
Data recording Recorded by 12 data items and displayed in LCD monitor
Overall dimension
(L×W× H) (mm)
The atomized powder produced by the equipment is irregular with relatively high content of oxygen. Oxygen content can be reduced by the subsequent reduction process.
We also offer the whole water atomizing production line, including water atomization powder manufacturing equipment, reduction furnace, nitrogen circulating system, ball mill machine, sieving machine, mixing machine etc..

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