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DC Plasma Atomizing Powder Manufacturing Equipment

This plasma atomizing technology is for high pure spherical hyperfine/nanometer powder manufacturing. Raw materials including bar, wire, granular, or liquid, gas materials, are guided directly through specialized feeding system into plasma zone where temperature can achieve 5000K above formed by high temperature plasma torch. Raw materials are liquidated, vaporized, or thermal decomposed/compound immediately under high temperature, and crushed into superfine droplets by plasma thereafter contact with cooling gas introduced in atomizing tower and have rapid heat transfer in flight, Chilling solidified into various high pure spherical superfine or nanometer powder materials.

1. Feeding system
2. Symmetrical plasma torch and power
3. Vacuum system
4. Atomizing tower and reaction chamber
5. Powder collection system and subsequent connected powder separator, powder collector, gas purification and circulation system

1. It can produce a variety of hyperfine/nanometer powders such as Ni, Co, Ti, Zr, Ta, etc.
2. It can also produce high pure hyperfine ceramic powders of oxides, carbides, nitrides, etc. If mixed gas capable of synthetic reaction is introduced.
3. The hyperfine powder produced, characterized as nanometer size, low oxygen content and high activity, is with perfect properties for sintering and significantly improves mechanical properties of sintered products. The hyperfine metal powders or oxide powders produced are also with perfect properties of magnetoelectricity, anti-corrosion, electromagnetism, etc., which makes it high promising onhigh-tech new material field such as electronic semiconductor materials, aerospace, etc..


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