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Vacuum Gas Atomization Powder Manufacturing Equipment

EasyFashion vacuum melting gas atomization powder manufacturing equipment is designed for producing metallic spherical powder by atomizing under certain conditions.
Working principle: Metal or alloy materials are melted under inert gas protection or vacuum condition, and the melt is poured through insulation tundish system into a gas nozzle where the melt stream is disintegrated into droplets by high pressure inert gas stream.The small droplets will be solidified into tiny spherical powders in flight in the atomization tower.

Optional functions
1. Atomizing gas heating device
2.CCD video surveillance system (to observe equipment operation status in time)
3. On-line laser particle size monitoring system
4. Online oxygen content monitoring system
5. Pressure difference controlling system
6. Fluid limiting diversion tube heating system
7. Pneumatic powder classification system
8. Multistage high vacuum melting system (max. vacuum degree: 6.7x10-3Pa)
9. Melting and Atomizing temperatures monitoring system

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