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Professional Titanium Powder Production Equipment

The professional titanium powder production equipment adopts hydrogenation-dehydrogenation (HDH) process. This specialized powder machine allows titanium sponge to fiercely react with hydrogen at certain temperature. When hydrogen content in titanium sponge is more than 2.3%, brittle titanium hydride is formed. Through heat treatment at 700°C, most interstitial hydrogen is subsequently removed to product titanium powder.

Note: Together with Radio-frequency Plasma Powder Balling Equipment, it can produce spherical titanium powder.

1. Cost containment

Instead of removing out of the titanium powder production equipment, hydrogenated material is milled in shielding gas environment and directly moves to dehydrogenation process, thus minimizing pollution risk and energy consumption on temperature adjustments.

2. High efficiency
This powder metallurgy equipment covers hydrogenation, milling and dehydrogenation processes, thus offering a continuous manufacture workflow. Therefore, customers benefit from outstanding efficiency and production rate.

Technical data
Model EF-ZKT 50 EF-ZKT 100 EF-ZKT 200 EF-ZKT 300 EF-ZKT 450 EF-ZKT600
Nominal feeding capacity (kg) 50 100 200 300 450 600
Nominal furnace temperature (°C) 950 950 950 950 950 950
Max. furnace temperature (°C) 1600
Temperature accuracy (°C) ≤±5
Rated power (kW) 60 75 120 165 200 240
Rated voltage of power supply (V) 380
Rated heating voltage (V) Depends on design
External transformer is available in all design.
Max. vacuum degree (Pa) ≤6.67 (Empty furnace in cool environment)
Pressure rising rate (Pa/24h) ≤50
Working area dimension (W× H×L) (mm) 300×300×
Temperature controlling system Shimaden programmable controller
Vacuum system Rotary vane vacuum pump + Roots vacuum pump
Degreasing system Water ring pump
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