Powder Production Equipment

    1. Gas Atomization Powder Manufacturing EquipmentThis gas atomization equipment utilizes high pressure gas to atomize molten metal into spherical or semi-spherical metal or alloy powder, which cannot be produced by normal water atomization methodology.
    1. Radio-frequency Plasma Powder Balling EquipmentRadio-frequency plasma possesses high energy density, strong heating strength, and its plasma arc is huge. Due to no electrodes available, it can not generate polluting products caused by electrode vaporing.
    1. Electrode Induction Melting Gas Atomization Under vacuum or inert gas protection, the slowly rotating feedstock rod is heated by high frequency induction coil and melted inductively and continuously in the absence of crucible.
    1. DC Plasma Atomizing Powder Manufacturing EquipmentThis plasma atomizing technology is for high pure spherical hyperfine/nanometer powder manufacturing. Raw materials including bar, wire, granular, or liquid, gas materials, are guided directly through specialized feeding system into plasma zone where temperature can achieve 5000K above formed by high temperature plasma torch.