Pusher Reduction Furnace

The pusher reduction furnace from EasyFashion is endowed with excellent furnace tube with prolonged service life. This continuous furnace is highly recommended for reduction of all kinds of metal oxides, calcination of all salts and sintering of powder metallurgies, etc. Thanks to integrated furnace structure, customers benefit from easy installation and low maintenance.

This whole powder processing equipment comprises furnace, conveyor oven and temperature control unit. Heating elements are deployed below and on top of muffle furnace. The muffle of our pusher reduction furnace is engineered with corrugation. The heating section is equipped with thermocouple, digital PID control and closed loop control system incorporating with silicon controlled rectifier, thus offering amazingly precise temperature control.

1. This powder metallurgy furnace comes with resistance heating or fuel heating.
2. There are single tube, double tube and multiple tube reduction furnaces for selection.
3. Compact structure is responsible for promoted thermal insulation property and reduced maintenance workload. Automatic temperature control offers ease of operation.

Technical data
Specification/ Model EF-RF-200/70-3 EF-RF-285/70-5 EF-RF-300/70-5 EF-RF-400/80-5
Rated heating temperature (°C) 1050°C
Quantity of furnace tube 1 2 2 2
Size of furnace tube in heating zone (mm) (W x H x L) 220x70x3700 310x70x7000 320x70x7200 420x80x7500
Quantity of heating zone 3 5 5 5
Gas consumption (Nm3/h) 5 10 10 20
Production capacity (kg/h) 30-60 60-90 90-150 130-170
Rated heating power (kW) 70 100 120 135
Rated supply voltage (V) 380V50 Hz
Material of muffle furnace tube 1Cr18Ni9Ti(SU321), OCr25Ni20(SUS310S)
Material of heating elements High-temperature resistance wire, silicon carbide rod
Furnace structure Regular pattern and whole fiber lining structure
Boat pushing method Electric, pneumatic and hydraulic
Temperature controlling method PID+SCR
Overall size (roughly) (mm) (W x H x L) 1450x1600x11500 1850x1650x17300 2050x1700x17500 2150x1750x18000
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