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Steel Belt Reduction Furnace

The steel belt reduction furnace is engineered for large volume reduction of metal powder including iron powder, copper powder, cobalt powder, molybdenum powder and tungsten powder, etc. This metal powder reduction furnace is also applicable for sintering of metal salts such as cobalt oxalate and APT, etc.

1. Tremendous output

Metal powders are directly deployed uniformly on steel belt to make the best use of furnace room. Heat treatment is effectively acting on materials on the basis of fast adjustment on temperature and conveyor speed.

2. Low energy consumption
All fiber needlefelt carpet comes with modular structure, thus offering excellent thermal insulation, low energy storage and minimal heat loss.

3. Durable furnace tube
Our steel belt reduction furnace is fitted with pre-pressing system for furnace tube. Moreover, we place silicon carbide board under furnace tube. The board has great rigidity, low coefficient of friction and considerable resistance to high temperature. As a result, metal tube receives balanced heating for smooth thermal expansion, and service life is 1.3 times more than similar products.

4. Exceptional automation
This tungsten powder reduction equipment has fully automatic control on temperature and production process. Comprehensive alarm system and interlocking protection ensure everything to be favorable in a holistic approach.

1. The entire steel belt reduction furnace comprises feeding unit, reduction unit, slow cooling unit, cooling unit, output unit and electronic control unit, etc.

2. The feeding unit in this powder processing equipment includes feeding platform and inlet muffle. There are hoppers on platform which can move with steel belt from left to right, thus maintaining uniformed feeding.

3. Reduction unit of this cobalt powder reduction furnace adopts ultra power effective structure. Modular all fiber needlefelt carpet is ceiling suspended on furnace top plate to prolong service life and reduced maintenance. Moreover, key parameters exceed national standards, such as power consumption of induction furnace, temperature rise and heating uniformity, etc.

4. Muffle in this steel belt reduction furnace is made up of heat resistant stainless steel and is welded by folded and corrugated steel. Specially enforced structure is designed in accordance with thermal and mechanical principles. SiC board is placed beneath for uniformed thermal expansion. Pre-pressing device is responsible for prolonged service life.

5. Inlet and outlet openings are enabled to be well hermitic by roller seal, gas seal or fiber seal, thus offering minimal gas consumption.

6. Conveyor system and multi-grade tension device are employed. Speed of steel belt is steplessly adjusted via variable-frequency drive, and is denoted by number.

7. This steel belt reduction furnace is equipped with intelligent temperature controller from Shimaden. This device employs self-adjustment and standard PID controller, whereby preventing temperature overshoot. Digital display readily realizes functions of selection, setting and configuration.

Main heating unit involves the combination of SCR series 3 phase thyristor power controller. In stead of traditional electrical on-off controlling mode, this controller utilizes continuous control not via on-off mode, but on the basis of temperature to automatically adjust heating power.

High accuracy and no noise generation can be achieved in temperature control for high power. In addition, there is no influence to internal power system.

Technical data
Specification/ model EF-GD-1000/70-3 EF-GD-1000/70-5 EF-GD-1220/70-6 EF-GD-1220/70-10 EF-GD-1220/70-12
Rated furnace temperature (°C) 900
Max. furnace temperature (°C) 1050
Furnace temperature deviation (°C) ±5
Production capacity (ton/year) 1500 3000 5000 7500 10000
Width of steel belt (mm) 1000 1000 1220 1220 1220
Material of steel belt 321 310S(Common)
Material of muffle furnace tube in heating section Heat-resistance stainless steel/ silicon carbide combined with silicon nitride (based on the buyer's demands)
Quantity of heating zone 3 5 6 10 12
Heating method Heating by electricity/ natural gas
Heating power (kW) 120 200 300 450 600
Steel-belt linear speed (mm/min) 30-150 50-250 80-400
Thickness of iron powder (mm) 15-50mm adjustable, usually 30mm
Length of heating furnace body (mm) 4000 7500 10000 7500×2 10000×2
Total length (mm) About 16000 About 23000 About 28000 About 38000 About 48000
Note: The above is standard configuration and can be adjusted based on customer requirements.
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