Rotary Furnace

EasyFashion rotary furnace is economically engineered for reduction, dry and calcination of metal powders, in particular calcination and reduction of APT and ammonium tungstate. Our metal powder equipment comprises feeding unit, discharging unit, rotating unit and dynamic sealing unit, as well as exhauster and dust collector, etc.

Material’s time in rotary kiln is determined by the adjustment on rotating speed, inclination and feeding speed. Chemical atmosphere inside this calcination furnace falls into hydrogen, ammonia gas and air on the basis of different application needs. Positive pressure is maintain inside furnace tube, and is adjustable to cater to gas charging.

1. Sealing unit of our rotary furnace comes with well-conceived design. Chemical atmosphere pressure is adjustable.

2. Heating unit is optimally deployed for convenient maintenance. Thanks to uniformed heating effect, output product is endowed with stable quality.

3. Proper vibrating device is available on this reduction furnace to prevent residuals in furnace.

4. Automatic feeding and discharging units ensure continuous production. Astonishing mechanization delivers amazing production capacity.

5. Intuitive display facilitates ease of operation.

Technical data
Model EF-RL300 EF-RL400
Power (kW) 60-70 80-95
Production capacity (t/day) 1-1.5 3-3.5
Rotation speed 1-8rpm 1-8rpm
Number of temperature control zone 2 3
Angle of inclination 3-6 3-6
Working temperature(°C) 600-700 600-700
Max. temperature(°C) 850 850
Powder recovery rate (%) 95-97 95-97
Furnace weight (kg) 5600 8900
Overall dimension (L × W × H) 7100 × 1730 × 2570 10000 × 1830 × 3280

Non-standard rotary furnace is available in accordance with your requirements.

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