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Nitrogen Superfine Air Classifier for Powder

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I. Overview
Nitrogen superfine air classifier for powder is a kind of advanced dry grading equipment which specializes in superfine powder multistage superfine separating. With innovated self-shunting grading technology and centrifugation technique, the air classifier system is working in full sealed condition under the nitrogen protection. With nitrogen recycling, it features low cost and no pollution. The industrial equipment is ideally used for grade work of different readily oxidizable substances. The whole set of classifying equipment is featured by high grading efficiency, high grading precision, concentration particle size, convenient use, safety and reliability. The controlling system is equipped with PLC programmable controller, and the programmed control on system function is available, realizing automatic feeding, automatic discharging, system detecting, malfunction alerting and automatic protection. Additionally, the air classifier is equipped with touch screen man-machine interface display, providing good control platform to set and change system running parameters.

II. Principle

1. feeding;
2. class I;
3. class II;
4. class III;
5. cyclone collector;
6. pulse dust collector;
7. induced draft fan
Powders are fed into fluidization grading area through feeding system and are graded in the first round. The coarse particles are separated, and the rest fine and little coarse powder flow into turbine grading area by upflow and are graded in the second round. Then, powders are graded in the third round. Finally, the micro fine powders enter into cyclone collector through grading wheel. At the same time, the coarse powders are excluded by discharge valve.

III. Constitution
Nitrogen superfine air classifier for powder is mainly consisted of automatic feeding system, grader I, grader II, grader III, cyclone collector, duster, induced draft fan, cooler, secondary air circulation system, rack, electrical automatic operation controlling system, and safety system for anti-explosion (Conform to the standard of state explosion proof standard). The parts of the whole set of classifying equipment that contacts with the materials are completely made of stainless steel 304.

IV. Performance Parameter
1. Nitrogen protective airflow grader;
2. Raw material: superfine powder
3. Output: 50-500KG/H (Calculation of density of steel, we can design according to customer’s requirements)
4. Product fineness:d50 < 100um (adjustable). It can produce five different kinds of required fineness powders at one time, with high grading accuracy and concentrated grain size.

(1) Atomizing Equipment
(2) Powder Classification System
(3) Ultrafilter

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