Powder Processing Equipment

    1. Pusher Reduction FurnaceThis continuous furnace is highly recommended for reduction of all kinds of metal oxides, calcination of all salts and sintering of powder metallurgies, etc.
    1. Steel Belt Reduction FurnaceReduction unit of this cobalt powder reduction furnace adopts ultra power effective structure. Modular all fiber needlefelt carpet is ceiling suspended on furnace top plate to prolong service life and reduced maintenance.
    1. Rotary FurnaceAutomatic feeding and discharging units ensure continuous production. Astonishing mechanization delivers amazing production capacity.
    1. Nitrogen Superfine Air Classifier for PowderNitrogen superfine air classifier for powder is a kind of advanced dry grading equipment which specializes in superfine powder multistage superfine separating. With innovated self-shunting grading technology and centrifugation technique, the air classifier system is working in full sealed condition under the nitrogen protection.