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High Temperature Induction Sintering Furnac

The high temperature induction sintering furnace comes with the property of 2500°C maximal temperature. This metal powder sintering furnace is highly recommended for high temperature alloy materials and ceramics, molybdenum and tungsten in particular, as well as heat treatment for carbon materials.

This tungsten vacuum sintering furnace comprises vacuum system, medium frequency sensor, water-cooled sensor and furnace. Moreover, we adopt infrared temperature measuring system for ensured heat uniformity in both vacuum and gas environment, resulting in stable quality. In addition, we are nimble in terms of custom-engineered high temperature induction sintering furnace to fit your needs.

Technical data
Model EF-50 EF-65 EF-80
Max. temperature (°C) 2500 2500 2500
Power (kW) 160 250 350
Hearth size (mm) Φ500 × 700 Φ650 × 1200 Φ800 × 1200
Temperature measuring method Infrared temperature measuring system (above 1000°C) and thermocouple (below 1000°C)
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Supporting Equipment

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