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Large Vertical High Temperature Vacuum Furnace

The large vertical high temperature vacuum furnace is the kind of heat treatment equipment working in vacuum environment. This metal powder sintering furnace has been extensively applied to ceramic sintering, refractory metal smelting, annealing and university labs. The maximal furnace temperature reaches 2100°C, making our powder metallurgy equipment to be ideal for annealing, drying and heat treatment.

1. This high temperature vacuum furnace involves the utilization of resistance heating method, generating no noise. Shimaden programmable controller is employed for ultimate temperature accuracy and promoted electricity efficiency.

2. Vertical layout offers minimal floor space, and shows excellence in terms of lifting, horizontal deployment and feeding.

3. Fully automatic control is realized via intuitive touch screen. PLC provides interlocking function. Furthermore, audile and visual alarms are triggered on overpressure, overheat or too high water temperature, resulting in guaranteed safety.

Technical data
Model EF -VSL120 EF-VSL220 EF-VSL280 EF-VSL360 EF-VSL450
Rated furnace temperature (°C) 2100
Max. furnace temperature (°C) 2150
Temperature accuracy(°C) ≤±5
Rated power (kW) 120 220 280 360 450
Rated voltage of power supply (V) 380
Rated heating voltage (V) Depends on design
External transformer is available in all design.
Max. vacuum degree (Pa) ≤6.67 (Empty furnace in cool environment)
Pressure rising rate (Pa/24h) ≤50
Working area dimension (mm) Φ600×1000 Φ800×1200 Φ1000×1600 Φ1200×1800 Φ1400×2500
Temperature control system Shimaden programmable controller
Vacuum system Rotary vane vacuum pump + Roots vacuum pump

1. PLC and touch-screen display
2. Oil diffusion pump is optional, resulting in 6.7×10-4Pa maximal vacuum degree.
3. Slight-negative pressure sintering system delivers constant pressure for sintering to facilitate product compactness and quality.

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