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Pre-vacuum Atmosphere Sintering Furnace

The pre-vacuum atmosphere sintering furnace is the vacuum sintering equipment that brings veritably no pollution to materials processed. This sintering furnace for powder metallurgy mainly appears in colleges, universities, research organizations and manufacturing enterprises.

With the aid of shielding gas, our pre-vacuum atmosphere sintering furnace offers sintering treatment to metal materials, ceramics such as electronic ceramics substrate for MCM (multi-chip module), and electronic materials such as aluminum nitride.

1. This metal sintering furnace adopts stainless steel for interior and exterior plates, and heating component is made up of graphite, thus generating no pollution to materials.

2. Feeding inlet is placed at bottom for convenience and minimal workload. Stable lifting movement comes with no noise.

3. Mechanical vacuum pump is fully automatic and is directly connected to aluminum nitride sintering furnace.

4. PLC automatic control is utilized. Alarms will be triggered on various failures. Protection system is available for ensured safety.

Technical data
1. Power: 50kW
2. Rated voltage: 380V, 3 phase heating
3. Max. temperature: 1900°C
4. Working area size: Ф200 × 200
5. Temperature control: Thermocouple and infrared system
6. Max. vacuum degree: 20Pa
7. Temperature uniformity: ±10°C

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