1. Powder Production EquipmentFeaturing cost effectiveness and ease of operation, our powder metallurgy equipment is highly recommended for production of iron powder ...
    1. Powder Processing EquipmentThis continuous furnace is highly recommended for reduction of all kinds of metal oxides, calcination of all salts and sintering of powder metallurgies, etc.
    1. Sintering Furnace for Powder MetallurgyThis powder metallurgy equipment offers continuous workflow covering degreasing, pre-sintering, sintering and fast cooling. Consequently, daunting procedures are ...

Powder Metallurgy Equipment

Powder metallurgy equipment has emerged as the new solution to process new materials. This kind of heat treating system plays a significant role in the development of new materials by utilization of powder metallurgy technique.

This technique is applied to manufacture metals. It can also involve the use of metal powder or combination of metal powder and non-metal powder. Through forming and sintering, this thermal processing technique produces metal materials, combined materials and all kind of products.

Currently, powder metallurgy equipment has been widely applicable for industries of transportation, machinery, electronic, aerospace, weapon, biology, new energy, information and nuclear, etc. It is highly renowned for energy saving, cost effectiveness, excellent properties, high accuracy and stability.

Our powder metallurgy equipment is well-suited for large volume production, and falls into powder manufacturing equipment, powder processing equipment and sintering furnace for powder metallurgy.