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Hot Isostatic Pressing Furnace

HIP (Hot Isostatic Press) is an advanced sintering technology and combines debinding, sintering and densification into an integrated cycle. Identical pressure is carried on specimen under high temperature and high pressure. It results in a product that contains little or no porosity, thereby producing a component that is as close to full theoretical density as possible.

Technical data of hot isostatic pressing furnace
Model Hot Zone (mm) Max. Temperature (°C) Working Pressure (Mpa) Heating Element Atmosphere
EF-R Φ500*500 900 60 Cr20Ni80 Ar
EF-S Φ150*300 1450 100 Molybdenum Ar
EF-T Φ125*200 2000 120 Graphite Ar
Note: Custom furnace available upon request

1. High density and high uniformity
2. Short production cycle and low energy saving
3. Outstanding properties

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