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Spark Plasma Sintering Furnace ( SPS )

The spark plasma sintering furnace (SPS) is the latest high-speed metal sintering furnace. This kind of vacuum sintering furnace is highly characterized by astonishing sintering speed and superior output compactness.

Our atmosphere sintering furnace is the industry-proven solution to sintering of nanophase materials, functionally graded material (FGM), nanoscale thermoelectric materials, rare earth permanent magnets, target materials, nonequilibrium materials and medical implants, etc.

1. Prominent efficiency

Outstanding heating rate brings drastically reduced sintering time. Compacted structure occupies small floor space and allows for fast deployment.

2. Versatility
Our spark plasma sintering furnace excels at fast and high-end sintering for metals, ceramics, nanometer materials, non-crystalline material, composite materials and functionally graded materials, etc.

3. Easy operation
User-friendly design has been poured into this metal sintering furnace for ease of operation in vacuum or protective gas environment. Fully automatic control is available on vacuum pumping, pressure increasing and sintering. Moreover, customers enjoy ensured safety through interlocking function and alarms on electricity shortage, water shortage, insufficient pressure and over temperature.

Technical data
Model Rated power Input current Input voltage Max. working temperature Max. pressure Product size Pressure head stroke Max. vacuum degree
EF-10T-5 50kW 0-5000A 0-10V 2300°C 10T Φ50 100mm 10Pa
EF-20T-10 100kW 0-10000A 0-10V 2300°C 20T Φ100 100mm 10-3Pa
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