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Vacuum Hot Press Furnace

The vacuum hot press furnace generally involves the utilization of graphite heating, molybdenum heating or medium frequency heating. The production is conducted in working cycle.

Our powder metallurgy sintering furnace is well-suited for hot pressure sintering of hard alloy, functional ceramic and powder metallurgy in high temperature and high vacuum environment or protective gas. Output products are highly compacted to prevent deformation. Nanometer materials are free from large crystal grain.

1. Dual-layer water cooled structure on furnace shell delivers exceptional cooling rate. Discreet structure design reduces vacuum pumping time.

2. Thermocouple is allowed for free movement and automatic switch between high and low temperature. There is also a sided thermocouple placed on this vacuum hot press furnace for protection from over temperature.

3. This hard alloy sintering furnace is endowed with optimal deployment of heating component, facilitating heat uniformity. Normally, the heating component falls into graphite tube, molybdenum wire and induction heating system.

4. Thermal insulation shield consists of graphite and carbon felt for utmost heat retaining property. The vacuum hot pressure furnace with molybdenum heating comes with metal reflection shield.

5. Our vacuum hot pressure furnace offers high automation and intuitive operation. Audile and visual alarms are available on water shortage, over temperature, over current and switch failure of thermocouple. Therefore, customers benefit from ensured safety.

Technical data
Model Rated power Max. working temperature Working area size Max. vacuum degree Max. pressure Displacement Note
EF-25-20Y 25kW 2000°C 90 × 120 5×10-3 Pa 10t 100mm Single phase
EF-40-20Y 40kW 2000°C 160 × 160 5×10-3 Pa 20t 100mm Single phase
EF-30-16Y 30kW 1600°C 150 × 200 6×10-4 Pa 20t 150mm Single phase
EF-18-10Y 18kW 1000°C 200 × 200 5×10-4 Pa 20t 150mm Single phase
EF-63-20Y 63kW 2000°C 250 × 250 5×10-3 Pa 30t 100mm Three phase
EF-50-22Y 50kW 2200°C 150 × 180 5×10-4 Pa 10t 100mm Three phase
EF-150-26Y 150kW 2600°C 300 × 300 10Pa 100t 150mm Three phase
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