1. Hot Isostatic Pressing FurnaceHIP (Hot Isostatic Press) is an advanced sintering technology and combines debinding, sintering and densification into an integrated cycle. Identical pressure is carried on specimen under high temperature and high pressure. It results in a product that contains little or no porosity, thereby producing a component that is as close to full theoretical density as possible.
    1. Vacuum Hot Press FurnaceOur powder metallurgy sintering furnace is well-suited for hot pressure sintering of hard alloy, functional ceramic and powder metallurgy in high temperature ...
    1. Microwave Vacuum Sintering Furnace

      It’s suitable for technological research in the condition of various atmospheres, such as synthesis, roasting, heat treatment, sintering, etc, and it’s also suitable for technological research ...

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Advanced Ceramics Equipment

EasyFashion is the leading manufacturer of advanced ceramics equipment in China. Unbeatable reputation has been built on diversified product range offerings including sinter-HIP furnace, spark plasma sintering furnace, vacuum hot press furnace and microware sintering furnace. As a professional in heat treatment equipment industry, we are surely your competent solution supplier to cater to your specific application needs for a substantial amount of materials and industries in the most economical manner.