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Amorphous Alloy Powder Equipment

The amorphous alloy powder equipment is the magnetic material handling equipment that continuously produces amorphous alloy powder using high-speed cooling method. The large-scale production can be conducted with the aid of protective gas or in vacuum environment.

Generally, our amorphous alloy power manufacturing machine is applied to supply high-performance materials to component manufacture for industries of electric power and electronics.

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This amorphous alloy powder equipment is fitted with single roll type high-speed cooling device. In Ar protective gas environment, melt metal is sprayed to high-speed rotating roll on pre-set condition. Then the cooling roll transforms melt metal into amorphous thin belt in a fast manner.

Technical data
1. Max. vacuum pressure: 103Pa (Without experimental material and nozzle)
2. Leak integrity: less than 10-9Pam3/sec
3. Spray pressure: Max. 0.1MPa
4. Melting capacity: 5-50g (iron) (small experimental equipment)100kg and 200Kg(large industrial production equipment)
5. Max. heating temperature: 1500°C
6. Common heating temperature: 1200°C
7. Rotation speed of cooling roll: 100-500rpm (single cooling roll: Ф200 × 20 (W) mm)
8. High-frequency: 5kW
9. Output frequency: 100KHz
10. Power supply: 3 phase 220V, 13KVA (Transformer unavailable)
11. Cooling water: flow rate: 25L/min, pressure: 0.35MPa (backpressure: less than 0.1MPa)
12. Inert gas (Ar): displacement capacity: 100L/time, pressure: 0.5MPa

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