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High Temperature Graphite Furnace

The high temperature graphite furnace is the advanced industrial furnace based on graphite furnace. This experimental high temperature furnace is highly recommended for high temperature purification and graphitization of carbon materials. The maximal temperature even reaches 2300°C.

1. Excellent heat uniformity

Automatic temperature control system comes with ingenious hearth design. Heat comes from both upper and lower directions. As a result, our high temperature graphite furnace is amazingly characterized by ±5°C heat uniformity and ±1°C temperature accuracy.

2. Extra-low energy consumption
This carbon material purification furnace involves the utilization of modular all fiber needlefelt carpet, thus delivering astonishing thermal insulation, low energy storage and minimized heat loss.

3. High automation
This high temperature graphite furnace is endowed with intuitive mimic panel and automatic temperature control. Comprehensive alarm system and latch-up protection ensure outstanding safety.

Technical data
Model EF-RST70 EF-RST120 EF-RST150
Rated heating temperature (°C) 2000°C
Hearth size in heating zone (W × L) (mm) 500 × 500 850 × 700 1150 × 700
Heating zone 1
Gas consumption 6m3/h 9m3/h 12m3/h
Rated heating power (kW) 70kW 120kW 150kW
Heating component Graphite
Overall dimension (W × H × L) (mm) 2200 × 1760 × 2000 2450 × 1760 × 2000 2760 × 1760 × 2000
Temperature control Shimaden programmable control
All kinds of non-standard high temperature graphite furnace are available upon request.
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