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Chemical Vapor Deposition Furnace

The chemical vapor deposition furnace is the specialized industrial furnace for manufacturing high-quality TiC, SiC, SiO2 and Si3N4 applicable for substrates. This experimental electric furnace comes with high deposition temperature ranging 100 to 1800°C.

Our chemical vapor deposition furnace has been proved to be ideal for manufacture of dielectrics, semiconductors and metal films, such as SiO2, Si3N4, amorphous Si:H, heteromorphic Si, SiC, W, Ti-Si, GaAs and GaSb, etc. This high temperature electric furnace is the tool of choice for industries of machinery production, metallurgy, optics and semiconductor.

1. This chemical vapor deposition furnace mainly comprises vacuum stainless steel hearth, turbomolecular pumping system, power supply, reaction carrier, temperature control system and cooling water assistive device, as well as independent exhaust and reaction pressure adjusting system.

2. The entire structure is compacted. Optimal layout ensures easy operation and fast vacuum pumping.

3. Control system is available as manual control and IPC automatic control.

4. Vacuum pumping and coating can be done in one production cycle.

Technical data
Items Unit Model
EF-4-18 EF-8-18 EF-12-18 EF-16-18 EF-20-18
Rated power kW 21 30 45 60 75
Rated voltage V 380 380 380 380 380
Max. temperature °C 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800
Working temperature °C ≤ 1700 ≤ 1700 ≤ 1700 ≤ 1700 ≤ 1700
Vacuum degree 6.67Pa 6.67Pa 6.67Pa 6.67Pa 6.67Pa
Substrate platform size Inch Ф4 Ф8 Ф12 Ф16 Ф20
Rotation speed of substrate platform 0-20RPM 0-20RPM 0-20RPM 0-20RPM 0-20RPM
Thermal insulation material Graphite Graphite Graphite Graphite Graphite
Heating component Graphite Graphite Graphite Graphite Graphite
Temperature rising rate °C/min ≤ 25 ≤ 25 ≤ 25 ≤ 25 ≤ 25
Temperature accuracy °C ±1 ±1 ±1 ±1 ±1
Standard configuration 1. Three-channel flow meter: nitrogen, hydrogen, methane, argon
2. Gas (hydrogen and methane) circuit alarm system, over temperature alarm, water shortage alarm
Options 1. Exhaust gas handling equipment
2. Gas cylinder and pressure reducing valve
3. Cooling system
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