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Vacuum Gas Quench Furnace

The vacuum gas quench furnace is the cutting-edge heat treatment equipment featuring prominent properties and unique design. This high pressure gas quench furnace is the industry-proven solution to gas quench and bright annealing of high precision alloy steel parts such as high-speed steel, die steel, alloy steel and titanium alloy, etc. Our industrial furnace is also applicable for sintering and fast cooling of magnetic materials.

1. Featuring annular radiator made from cooper tube in large diameter, our vacuum gas quench furnace delivers fast cooling effect.

2. Air nozzle is 360° deployed around heating chamber uniformly. As a result, optimal cooling effect ensures minimized deformation on workpiece.

3. Heating component is also 360° placed around the heating chamber, ensuring high energy efficiency, low heat loss and balanced heating effect.

4. This metal heat treatment equipment adopts new type of composite hard felt/metal shield as thermal insulation plate with heating function. Customers avail from outstanding resistance against heat, pressure and air scour, as well as prolonged service life.

5. Flexible programming input and stable mechanical performance ensure exceptional stability and low maintenance. Integrated safety system and failure alarms facilitate reliability.

1. Comprehensive and standard modular design has been poured into the manufacture of our vacuum gas quench furnace. The whole structure comprises steel furnace body, composite thermal insulation shield, heating rod, high-speed air flow channel, large power motor with fan, high efficiency gas exchanging device, thermal inflation system, vacuum system, cooling water system and electric control system.

2. The maximal inflation pressure is 1.0Mpa as absolute pressure, and is allowed to be continuously adjusted from 0.2 to 1.0MPa.

3. Hearth is made up of either graphite or metal. Heating component falls into graphite and molybdenum.

Technical data
Model EF-VQG50 EF-VQG100 EF-VQG200 EF-VQG300 EF-VQG400
Rated feeding capacity (kg) 50 100 200 300 400
Max. temperature (°C) 1350
Temperature accuracy (°C) ≤±5
Rated power (kW) 50 90 120 150 180
Rated voltage of power supply (V) 380
Rated heating voltage (V) Depends on design
Front transformer is available in every design.
Max. vacuum degree (Pa) ≤6.67 (Empty furnace in cool status)
Vacuum pressure rising rate (Pa/24h) ≤50
Quench pressure ≤1.0Mpa (absolute pressure)
Working zone dimension (mm) 300 × 300 × 400 300 × 300 × 500 450 × 400 × 670 450 × 400 × 850 600 × 600 × 1000
Temperature control system Shimaden programmable controller
Vacuum system Rotary vane vacuum pump + Roots pump

1. Built-in fast cooling system
2. PLC and touch screen
3. Based on requirements on vacuum degree, oil diffusion pump can be added and maximal vacuum degree reaches 6.7×10-4 Pa.

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