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Mesh Belt Atmosphere Brazing Furnace

The mesh belt atmosphere brazing furnace is highly recommended for large volume production where stable quality, easy operation and dependable performance are primary concerns. This industrial brazing furnace has been proved to be perfect for sintering, brazing and quench with protective gas for mechanical parts applied to industries of electronics, household appliances and automobile.

1. This atmosphere sintering furnace includes main mesh belt transmission system, hearth, driving device, heating furnace, mesh belt, cooling unit, protective gas device and pipeline, as well as cooling water pipeline and electric control system, etc.

2. The mesh belt atmosphere brazing furnace is welded by steel plate and profile steel. There is a Muffle made up of heat resistant stainless steel inside the furnace. This Muffle is specially treated for deformation prevention, resulting in prolonged service life. Thermal insulation materials adopt ultra-light fiber and premium refractory brick.

3. We place safety device on both heating unit and cooling unit on this stainless steel brazing furnace in order to facilitate operative protection.

4. Electric control involves the utilization of SSR control, which is highly distinguished by no noise generation and long service life. Moreover, there are alarms and failure indicators available to ensure production process to be smooth as shadows on the wall.

5. Our mesh belt atmosphere brazing furnace is well-suited for brazing of parts with thin walls made from stainless steel or carbon steel.

Technical data
Model Power (kW) Temperature (℃) Hearth size (W×L×H) (mm) Air consumption (m3/h) Mesh belt width (mm) Production capacity (kg) Note
1. High temperature mesh belt furnace is applied to sintering, brazing and thermal quench.
2. Muffle adopts SUS310S heat resistant stainless steel.
3. Mesh belt is made from 1Cr25Ni20Si2 heat resistant stainless steel.
4. Protective gas normally is ammonia decomposition atmosphere.
EF-15-11 15 1150 100×1200
5 100 15
EF-20-11 20 1150 100×1600
5 100 20
EF-30-11 30 1150 150×2000
10 150 30
EF-45-11 45 1150 150×3000
10 150 70
EF-60-11 60 1150 200×3000
15 200 100
EF-70-11 70 1150 200×3000
20 200 120
EF-90-11 90 1150 300×3000
30 300 150
EF-120-11 120 1150 400×3600
40 400 200
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