1. Vacuum Gas Quench FurnaceThis high pressure gas quench furnace is the industry-proven solution to gas quench and bright annealing of high precision alloy steel parts such as high-speed steel, die steel ...
    1. Mesh Belt Atmosphere Brazing FurnaceThis industrial brazing furnace has been proved to be perfect for sintering, brazing and quench with protective gas for mechanical parts applied to industries of electronics, household appliances and automobile.
    1. Vacuum Brazing FurnaceVacuum system of this single chamber vacuum brazing furnace comes with specialized condensation filter to eliminate pollution that brazing flux vapor brings to vacuum pump.

Heat Treatment Equipment

EasyFashion is the expert in supplying heat treatment equipment. With industrial experience accumulated through years, we show unbeatable excellence in terms of discreet design and customer-oriented technology support. Our reputation has been built on innovation and our diversified product range has been appreciated worldwide as the most economic solution. We mainly provide vacuum oil quench furnace, vacuum gas quench furnace, mesh belt atmosphere brazing furnace and vacuum brazing furnace. Please visit each product page for detailed information, and feel free to contact us for any questions.