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PSA Nitrogen Generator

The PSA nitrogen generator is your lucrative air separator that generates nitrogen in a fast manner. This industrial nitrogen generation equipment utilizes compressed air as material and carbon molecular sieve (CMS) as adsorbent. PAS (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology is involved.

Nitrogen is normally used as protective gas or atmosphere gas for reduction and carburization. Under circumstance of room temperature and high pressure, oxygen and nitrogen are separated by different diffusion rate in CMS. Nitrogen purity and output volume is adjustable to meet customer’s requirements.

1. Metallurgy, machinery and electronic industry

Metal heat treatment, nitrogen shielded bright annealing and metal powder sintering
Quench and gas carburizing
Manufacture of electronic components and nitrogen protection for production process

2. Chemical and petrochemical industry
Our PSA nitrogen generator mainly supplies nitrogen for these industries as protective gas, exchanging gas and scrubbing gas, thus to maintain safety.

3. Medical and food industry
This medical nitrogen generator is applied to medicine production and nitrogen-filled package for medicine transportation.
In food industry, our food nitrogen manufacturing equipment is utilized to generate nitrogen for storage of fruits, vegetables, rice, tea, dried fruits, seeds and Chinese traditional medicines, etc. The nitrogen-protected storage stands out from mechanically cold storage in term of remaining original color, smell and flavor.

4. Other industries
The PSA nitrogen generator also is well-suited for nitrogen-filled package for food products. It also finds application in nitrogen sealing technology for metal parts to prevent rusts. Float glass manufacture is also involved utilization of nitrogen protection.

Technical data
Model EFPSA-595-10 EFPSA-595-15 EFPSA-595-20 EFPSA-595-30 EFPSA-595-60 EFPSA-595-80
Production rate
10 15 20 30 60 80
Rated power (kW) 7.5+1.5 11+1.5 11+1.5 15+1.5 37+1.5 37+1.5
Rated voltage of power supply 380V
Outlet pressure 0-0.6MPa (adjustable)
Purity 99.9%
Dew point <-40℃
Purity after purification 99.999%
Dew point after purification <-60℃
Control system PLC automatic control

Information above is standard configuration. Adjustment is available upon request.

1. Built-in fast cooling system
2. PLC and touch screen
3. Based on requirements on vacuum degree, oil diffusion pump can be added and maximal vacuum degree reaches 6.7×10-4 Pa.

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