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    1. Powder Production EquipmentFeaturing cost effectiveness and ease of operation, our powder metallurgy equipment is highly recommended for production of iron powder ...
    1. Powder Processing EquipmentThis continuous furnace is highly recommended for reduction of all kinds of metal oxides, calcination of all salts and sintering of powder metallurgies, etc.
    1. Sintering Furnace for Powder MetallurgyThis powder metallurgy equipment offers continuous workflow covering degreasing, pre-sintering, sintering and fast cooling. Consequently, daunting procedures are ...
    1. Hot Isostatic Pressing FurnaceHIP (Hot Isostatic Press) is an advanced sintering technology and combines debinding, sintering and densification into an integrated cycle. Identical pressure is carried on specimen under high temperature and high pressure. It results in a product that contains little or no porosity, thereby producing a component that is as close to full theoretical density as possible.
    1. Spark Plasma Sintering Furnace(SPS)

      This kind of vacuum sintering furnace is highly characterized by astonishing sintering speed and superior output compactness.

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    1. Vacuum Hot Press FurnaceOur powder metallurgy sintering furnace is well-suited for hot pressure sintering of hard alloy, functional ceramic and powder metallurgy in high temperature ...
    1. Microwave Vacuum Sintering Furnace

      It’s suitable for technological research in the condition of various atmospheres, such as synthesis, roasting, heat treatment, sintering, etc, and it’s also suitable for technological research ...

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  • Amorphous Alloy Powder EquipmentGenerally, our amorphous alloy power manufacturing machine is applied to supply high-performance materials to component manufacture for industries of electric power and electronics.
    1. High Temperature Graphite FurnaceThis experimental high temperature furnace is highly recommended for high temperature purification and graphitization of carbon materials.
    1. Chemical Vapor Deposition FurnaceThis high temperature electric furnace is the tool of choice for industries of machinery production, metallurgy, optics and semiconductor.
    1. Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace

      In vacuum environment, this vacuum metal melting equipment utilizes medium-frequency induction heater to melt metals. Featuring small floor space, our industrial electric furnace delivers lucrative scientific ...

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    1. Suspension Melting FurnaceCold crucible of this metal melting furnace comes in 150mm inner diameter. Generally, our induction melting furnace is capable of melting 10kg steel or 5kg titanium each time.
    1. Glass Melting FurnaceThis metallurgy equipment is fitted with a set of microprocessor for accurate control on heating and temperature, resulting in constantly ensured quality.
    1. Vacuum Arc Remelting FurnaceThis metal melting equipment is applicable for steel, especially for remelting of high-end alloy steel, tungsten, molybdenum, niobium and titanium, etc.
    1. Dual-chamber Vacuum Oil Quenching Furnace

      Thanks to capability of gas quench and oil quench, our industrial heat treatment furnace allows for various production procedures selections and applications, and features fully automatic control.

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    1. Vacuum Gas Quench FurnaceThis high pressure gas quench furnace is the industry-proven solution to gas quench and bright annealing of high precision alloy steel parts such as high-speed steel, die steel ...
    1. Mesh Belt Atmosphere Brazing FurnaceThis industrial brazing furnace has been proved to be perfect for sintering, brazing and quench with protective gas for mechanical parts applied to industries of electronics, household appliances and automobile.
    1. Vacuum Brazing FurnaceVacuum system of this single chamber vacuum brazing furnace comes with specialized condensation filter to eliminate pollution that brazing flux vapor brings to vacuum pump.
    1. PSA Nitrogen Generator

      Thisindustrial nitrogen generation equipment utilizes compressed air as material and carbon molecular sieve (CMS) as adsorbent. PAS (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology is involved.

    1. Nitrogen/Hydrogen Generator by Ammonia DecompositionThis ammonia decomposition furnace excels at supplying high-quality protective gas or reduction gas for heat treatment in various industries.