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Contact Person (Charger):
Maggie Huang (Huang Manli)

Phone Number: +86-13467537752

EasyFashion is the multifaceted manufacturer of heat treatment equipment. We take pride in offering diversified product range which comprises powder metallurgy equipment, advanced ceramic equipment, carbon materials equipment, smelting equipment, etc. We have built our significant reputation on versatile heat treatment solution catering to various requirements on different materials in the most cost effective manner.

Our efforts have always been focused on reducing purchase cost and minimizing investment risk for customers in industries of MIM (metal injection molding), vacuum heat treatment, powder metallurgy, atomization powder manufacture, carbon and silicon carbide materials, as well as amorphous materials, photovoltaic materials and Li-ion battery materials, etc.

Over 200 customers home and abroad have put their invaluable trust in us since our establishment. In 2013, sales volume of vacuum sintering furnace alone reached 25. Sales revenue of the year exceeded 10 million USD, and still remains swelling trend. In recent years, with the aid of remarkable technology strength and highly dedicated employees, EasyFashion has emerged as the leading enterprise in industry with over 20 new-developed products and 70 patents.

Innovation and continuous ongoing research on demands from markets are leading to constant quality improvements of treated materials while cutting costs at the same time. Based on deep communication with customers, we hold a distinct advantage over our competitors in design flexibility that allows us to create custom equipment for any applications requiring efficiency and reliability.

Quality and customer satisfaction are paramount to EasyFashion. Correspondingly, we are fitted with scientific management system applied to development, manufacture, testing and technology support. Optimal solution and courteous service are backed by specialized departments and diligent work ethic. Therefore, our customers know that they can count on EasyFashion for heat treatment equipment.