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Advanced ceramic material is manufactured on the basis of high purity ultra-fine inorganic compound and cutting-edge technology.

Generally, advanced ceramic material falls into structural ceramic, ceramic matrix composite (CMC) and functional ceramic. Most functional ceramics are applicable for electronic industry. These electronic ceramic materials are mainly utilized as insulating material, ceramic-based plate and packaging material for chip production. They also can be seen in manufacture of electronic device as condenser ceramics, piezoelectric ceramics and magnetic iron oxide materials, etc.

According to diverse industrial requirements, advanced ceramic material is endowed with various properties including piezoelectricity, ferroelectric, electrical conductivity, semi-conductivity, magnetic property, high rigidity, high toughness, high hardness and high thermal conductivity, as well as adiabaticity, biocompatibility and resistance against abrasion, corrosion and high temperature, etc.

At present, the research focus in ceramic industry is emphasized on ceramic strengthening, ceramic toughening, synthesis of nanocrystalline ceramics and system design of advanced structural ceramics, as well as high uniformity and ultra-fine technology for electronic ceramic materials.

Our advanced ceramics equipment includes microwave sintering furnace, vacuum hot pressure sintering furnace, sinter-HIP furnace and Spark Plasma Sintering Furnace (SPS), etc. They are competent in adding all these properties above into output ceramic materials.

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