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Material Industry
Material thermal processing is one of the predominant processes in machinery manufacture. Compared to other techniques, heat treatment normally brings no changes to workpiece shape and chemical composition. Instead, it changes micro-structure inside workpiece or surface chemical composition to better overall properties.

Metallurgy Industry
Metallurgy is the technology that extracts metals or metallic compounds contained in ores and processes them into metal products featuring certain properties. Metallurgy is subdivided into ferrous metallurgy and non-ferrous metallurgy.

Solar Photovoltaic Industry
The most practical method for solar utilization is photovoltaic conversion which changes solar radiation on silicon material into direct current electricity using photovoltaic effect. Therefore, photovoltaic industry mainly refers to development and application of silicon materials, involving manufacture of high purity polycrystalline silicon, solar cell, solar cell module and related equipment, etc.

Gas Industry
Gas equipment that we offer to food industry is mainly subdivided into PSA nitrogen generator and nitrogen/hydrogen generator by ammonia decomposition, etc. The related gases involve nitrogen and hydrogen.

Ceramic Industry
Generally, advanced ceramic material falls into structural ceramic, ceramic matrix composite (CMC) and functional ceramic. Most functional ceramics are applicable for electronic industry. These electronic ceramic materials are mainly utilized as insulating material, ceramic-based plate and packaging material for chip production.

New Energy Industry
Swelling energy demand and natural resource depletion stirs up more daunting challenges for energy suppliers, industrial enterprises and consumers. The predominant priority is to use energy in the most efficient and sustainable possible manner.