EasyFashion Industry

Add.: Rm. 1-701, New Empire Building, No. 399, Tongzipo Rd., Yuelu District, Changsha City, Hunan Province, China

Tel.: +86-731-82247692

Fax: +86-731-84441671

Contact Person (Charger):
Maggie Huang (Huang Manli)

Phone Number: +86-13467537752

We see the delivery of our industrial furnaces only as the beginning of our longstanding service. We are committed to maintaining stability, safety and efficiency of our equipment, thus maximizing customer interests.

1. Global presence

Although we are headquartered in Changsha, Hunan Province, China, we offer fast response to customers home and abroad, covering business consultation, technology support, troubleshooting, training and communication. Moreover, we also strive to build sales channel worldwide to provide more competent and localized services.

2. On-site
We send exclusive staff to supply on-site instruction services to customers around the world. What's more, exclusive engineers will offer on-site maintenance services within one year after customer acceptance on our equipment. Based on industrial experience and expertise accumulated through years, our technicians excel at keeping machines running reliably.

3. 24/7 hotline
Our hotline service is designed to help you handle all kinds of technological problems. We have professionals who are trained to deliver fast troubleshooting, and on-line support is also available for customers who seek for help. During working hour, response time is no more than 2 hours. Out of working hour, the response time is limited within 24 hours.

4. Comprehensive training
Before machine operation commence, we provide one-week essential training to operatives and maintenance workers. During operation, there will be advanced training course offered to related personnel, explaining design concept, management method and system development, etc.

5. Sufficient supply
According to years of after-sales service experience, we believe that spare parts supply is critical to customer profits and satisfaction. Therefore, we always have plenty spare parts for all heat treatment equipment, whereby catering to customer needs in a fast manner.

After-sales service flow
1. Equipment breakdown occurs to customer.
2. The customer informs our technicians about the problems.
3. Our technicians estimate the type of failure and all the necessities for troubleshooting.
4. Our technicians reply to the customer as soon as possible and give instruction on emergency treatment.
5. If problems not solved, we will send local engineer to offer on-site support.
6. We offer free maintenance and repair service for one year after equipment acceptance from customer.

Technology support
1. Document support: We offer timely fault report documents in addition to project handover report.
2. Telephone support: Hotline support is possible anytime within working hour.
3. E-mail support: Instruction and troubleshooting can be delivered to customer via e-mail.
4. Remote testing: As for some equipment suitable for remote testing, we will offer remote assistance via network or telephone wire after obtaining authorization from customer.
5. On-site support: If necessary, engineers will be sent for on-site assistance.